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Eco-Friendly Gifts for the Plant Lover in Your Life

Written by Linda Zubairi


Posted on April 29 2021

In the past year, there has been record demand for seeds and gardening tools, as people decided to make the most of being stuck inside. As a country, we bought 322 million more plants last year than in 2019, as we discovered the green-fingered gardener in all of us. Some people have decided to keep up this momentum and continue gardening, so why not treat them to some handy, sustainable products to help them lower their carbon footprint?

It's no secret that gardening is already an eco-friendly hobby to get involved in, but there are ways in which we can push this green initiative further. With a wide range of plastic-free tools and accessories to choose from, you can really get in touch with nature on your next gardening endeavour!

Gardening Tools

If you know someone who always keeps their garden immaculate and takes good care of their lawn and plants, they could benefit from some eco-friendly products and tools to put them on a more sustainable path. Lots of gardening tools such as trowels, rakes and pruners contain plastic parts, and although this isn't as damaging as single-use plastic, there are still more environmentally friendly ways you can tend to your garden this summer!

The Garden Trading trowel comes fitted with a wooden handle and is completely plastic-free, making it a necessary sustainable gardening tool to have at your disposal. The rest of Garden Trading's tool collection includes a pruner, rake, dibber and fork, all of which have a wooden handle to help lower your plastic usage.

Indoor Plants

Know someone who's not one for getting their hands dirty? Indoor plants such as succulents are the perfect choice for adding a touch of nature to the home. Once bought, they usually come in a simple, plastic pot, so why not treat someone to a unique plant pot they'll be proud to display? Indoor plants are becoming a popular choice, and by displaying them in a gorgeous, contemporary plant pot, you can keep up with the trend!

Here at Thought & Style, we stock a range of Garden Trading plant pots perfect for indoor use. This ceramic cream plant pot is small and discreet, but can make the perfect decorative piece to any plant lover’s home, especially if they already have a growing succulent collection! If you're looking for something a little more distinctive, these unusual hanging plant pots are made from cement and come in three neutral colours. They're a great choice if you're looking for something a little different, and the plant lover in your life is guaranteed to adore it.

Give Back to Nature

In recent years, the population of certain wildlife creatures, such as hedgehogs and bees, has declined significantly, but we can all do our bit to make sure they're thriving again as quickly as possible. To play your part, consider looking towards seeds and plants to attract these endangered species to your garden! They make for a perfect gift, but it also wouldn't hurt to add them to your garden too.

Seedball have created some inspired tins of seeds buried within clay and peat-free compost balls that you can scatter on your garden. There's no need for digging and planting, as you just scatter the balls in soil or compost in your garden and let nature do the rest! The hedgehog mix is perfect for attracting insects that hedgehogs love to snack on, creating a friendly space for a species that has declined by 50% in the last 20 years. To view the rest of the Seedball collection, please visit us here.

Here at Thought & Style, we stock and ship a collection of sustainable products such as home accessories, self-care items and stationery. To view our full range, please visit our website for an easy, no-nonsense shopping experience.