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Get Ready for Summer with our Eco-Friendly Jewellery

Written by Linda Zubairi


Posted on April 23 2021

As we all know, last summer didn't exactly go as planned. The coronavirus pandemic meant that we had strict rules to follow, and it prohibited us from going abroad, seeing our nearest and dearest, and having an all-round good time. This summer, however, is starting to look a little brighter, so it's time to start preparing for those missed moments in the sun! And what better way to get started than by opting for some stunning, recycled jewellery?

Our range of sustainable jewellery sets here at Thought & Style are lovingly created using recycled materials, such as resin. Made from upcycled and recycled plastic, resin is the perfect choice for lowering your carbon footprint, as they produce 25% less carbon emissions than virgin resins during the production process! Small steps go a long way, so why not make a big difference today?


A statement piece of jewellery will garner attention and compliment all kinds of outfits, and you can never go wrong with a gorgeous earring set. With summer just around the corner, it's time to start looking for more colourful, vibrant earrings to welcome the warm weather and coordinate them with your summer outfits. Big Metal in London craft high quality, fashionable jewellery made from recycled resin, and their collection is completely nickel, lead and cadmium free. Their link earrings have a floral feel perfect for summer, with their marble effect providing class and elegance.

If hoops are more your style, this chic, hypoallergenic option can enhance your colourful summer wardrobe, and looks great when paired with the matching chain necklace. Vogue recently highlighted how sustainable products were finally at the top of jewellers' agendas, using recycled metals for their necklaces and earring sets. By taking these steps, we can influence bigger companies to do the same, and lower our carbon footprint once and for all!


With a range of different, fashionable benefits, necklaces make any outfit pop. Their purpose is to highlight your face and neck, and with a range of different colours and designs available, you're sure to make a real statement. With the approach of the summer seasons, it's all about bright colours and warm tones, and your necklace should aim to complement these hues. Try not to go too overboard with the vivid colours, as it can become too much. Instead look towards neutral tones with bright clothing, and vice versa!

This statement silver and aqua necklace is once again made from resin; another recycled jewellery option for your collection! It's matte and silver brass plated combination pairs beautifully with pastel clothing and has connotations of those sandy beaches and crystal blue seas we're all craving! 

Assorted Accessories

Once you've sorted out your earring and necklace choices, why not look towards some extra accessories to really bring your summer look together? Hair clips are perfect choices for supplementing all kinds of styles and can even tame your hair throughout the day. By combining style with practicality, and adding that sustainable edge, you've got a real stand-out piece that's bound to draw in compliments!

Big Metal London's matte Petra hair clips come in a range of different colours perfectly suited to all hair colours and summer outfit choices. From neutral whites to vibrant reds, make sure you're garden party ready with this stunning, eco-friendly collection. Here at Thought & Style, our sustainable jewellery sets are made for the summer season, and make an environmental statement as well as a fashionable one! You can view our full collection here.