How to Add to Your Child's Fun in the Sun

Written by Linda Zubairi


Posted on June 11 2021

Summer has finally arrived here in the UK; after months of rain and miserable weather, we're finally getting back outside to enjoy some much-loved and missed sunshine. Although children's play areas are opening back up, there's no reason why you can't bring some fun to your garden too! With plenty of eco-friendly toys and games out there to choose from, make your summer activities more sustainable with our impressive collection here at Thought & Style.

Depending on the toy, children are easy to please. You need to find a good quality toy that will fuel their imagination and keep them engaged throughout the day. There are sustainable, educational toys out there; it's all about looking in the right places!

For the Garden

With travel to other countries still uncertain for the coming months, some families are opting for a staycation in their gardens. It not only saves money, but if the weather stays warm, there are plenty of fun activities you and your kids can do in the sun! Plastic toys aren't the best for the environment; they can easily break, leading to more plastic waste that can damage our planet. Instead, why look towards some fun wooden toys for your children to try out for size?

Here at Thought & Style, we stock and sell a range of Le Toy Van toys, such as this wooden emergency vehicle set. All products are sustainably sourced and manufactured, not only providing enjoyment for your child, but a greener incentive for you! These wooden ice lollies aren't as cooling as the real thing, but they're great if you're looking to play sweet shop games. To view the rest of our Le Toy Van collection, please visit us here.


Toys can be great for improving your child's ability to identify colours and shapes, but playing dress-up can enhance their imagination, which has been proven to augment their problem-solving skills. It's also a great way to connect with friends they may not have seen in a while, and is bound to keep them entertained for the rest of the day.

Sew Heart Felt craft adorable felt teddies, slippers and dress up outfits, plus many more products perfect for children. This Sheep dress up set is made from Tibetan sheep wool, and coloured with eco-friendly dye. Alongside this Bunny dress up set, your children are sure to get lost in a world of their own, creating their very own characters and scenarios!

Social Games with Friends

Now that social distancing is (hopefully) coming to an end, it's time to start inviting your child's friends over for fun playdates and sleepovers. Toys and games they can play with and enjoy together can help develop valuable social skills, including sharing, manners and holding conversations.

These wooden stacking blocks by Plan Toys come in unique geometric shapes, and can be stacked in various different ways to keep children amused and entertained. You can never go wrong with classic wooden blocks, enabling children to build houses and villages alike, all of which can be paired with the emergency vehicle set mentioned previously!

Whether you're looking to delight your child indoors or outdoors, there are plenty of eco-friendly toys to satisfy their hunger for adventure. To view our full wooden toy collection, please visit us here.