How To Make Your Daily Regime More Eco-Friendly

Written by Linda Zubairi


Posted on June 23 2021

As more big corporations and small businesses take on sustainable production methods and packaging, it's almost impossible to find a home in the UK that doesn't have some kind of sustainable alternative for everyday items. According to Forbes, 77% of people want to learn how to live more sustainably, and it can be pretty easy! With eco-friendlier home accessories and beauty products made from natural ingredients out there, there are plenty of places you can start.

They say to start small, and as we mentioned in our previous article, it can go a long way. We all have a daily routine; once we wake up, we all have different ways in which we start the day. But what if we could make this process simpler? 

Face and Skin Care

When it comes to your morning wash or shower, there are plenty of ways you can try to be more sustainable. This doesn't just start and end with using less water; moisturisers, face cleansers and soaps can contain harmful chemicals that don't just affect our skin, but the environment too. Seeking out plastic free products with natural minerals can help make your home and daily routine much greener, and can set an example.

We're proud to stock the eco-friendly Upcircle beauty products, including these hemp and cotton reusable makeup pads, perfect for removing makeup and blemishes. These handy makeup bag essentials can help you ditch the one-use alternatives, and when paired with Upcircle's soap or face scrub, they make for an effective, reusable make up remover solution.

Bath and Body Products

Before starting the day, deodorant and body sprays are a must, whereas a nice long soak can be just what the doctor ordered after a long day at the office. Like with your skincare routine, your everyday hygiene can easily be made more sustainable, with the use of vegan, cruelty free deodorants and bathroom accessories.

The Kutis vegan deodorant collection is perfect if you're looking to completely cut down on your waste and use of harmful chemicals. Each product is packaged using plastic free and biodegradable materials, making it a completely vegan and natural deodorant. Also, this Ecoliving Marseille soap bar is non-toxic and palm oil free, giving you an eco-friendly addition to your daily cleansing ritual!

Handy Gifts for the Bathroom

The bathroom is an easy place to start when it comes to making your home more sustainable. There are now plastic-free soap dishes, toiletry bags made from recycled materials and bamboo toothbrushes galore; many of which we stock here at Thought & Style! To view our full collection of eco-friendly bathroom accessories, please visit us here.

These cute bamboo toothbrushes by Wild and Stone are perfect for children, coming complete with soft nylon bristles and recyclable packaging to cut down on your plastic usage. If you like to keep on top of your dental hygiene, this corn starch dental floss is mint flavoured and vegan, and can last for three months if you floss every day!