Must-Have Items for Your Summer Staycation

Written by Linda Zubairi


Posted on May 21 2021

Although the Government has given us the green light to go abroad to certain countries, some of us are choosing to stay closer to home and have a good old-fashioned staycation. Whether that means a trip to the coast or to your own back garden, it's time to start preparing for the summer months. You're already saving the planet by staying put instead of flying, so why not push the eco-friendly agenda even more with some plastic-free, sustainable gifts today?

Choosing to spend your holiday at home has several benefits, including saving on travel expenses, no jet lag and exploring some gorgeous sights that are waiting for you right outside your front door. Make sure you're prepared for everything the Great British summertime has to offer you with our top tips and sustainable products!

Camping Necessities

Camping, whether that be in a tent or a camper van, is a great choice if you want to get away but don't want to travel too far. It has been proven to improve your mood, decrease stress and boost socialisation; something we all need after the past year! Of course, camping is all about getting out into nature and breathing in the fresh air, but there are a few essential items you'll need to fully enjoy the rural experience. 

You need to make sure you have some home comforts on your camping trip, such as a nice hot cup of tea or coffee in the morning. The 2-in-1 glass reusable glass cup from SoleCup even has a stainless steel tea strainer for loose leaf tea, and it’s recyclable materials mean you can reuse it for years to come. The HuskeeCup is another sustainable option, made from organic, non-toxic raw materials and thermal properties that will keep your drink warmer for longer without burning your hand. We also stock Global WAKEcup's bamboo thermos flask, perfect for any long walks you're bound to be embarking on!

Handy Hiking Products

Camping and hiking usually go hand-in-hand, especially if the idea behind your trip was to relax and restore. Going for long walks in some of Britain's most scenic locations can not only provide you with some great exercise, but has been proven to boost your mental health by keeping you grounded and staying present in the moment. With every great hiking journey comes the essentials; drinks, snacks and comfortable, sensible footwear! And the good news? There are sustainable options out there.

Here at Thought & Style, we stock and sell Que Factory's handy silicone water bottles to help you lower your plastic bottle usage as well as your carbon footprint. These bottles also have a collapsible feature, making them ideal for storing away in your bag during a hike.

Bamboo Fashion Statements

If camping isn't really your thing, your ideal staycation break might be taking place at the seaside. Nothing but sandy beaches, fish and chips and ice creams, the British coast is an ideal place for relaxing and taking time to be with your family. Now that we're finally allowed to venture out and about, it's time to treat yourself to some brand-new fashion accessories to show off on your travels. By opting for sustainable accessories, you have more things to be proud of.

This vintage bamboo watch from Swole Panda makes for a great sustainable gift idea, and even comes in a hand-crafted box made entirely out of pine wood. This watch not only makes a substantial fashion statement, but makes an environmentally friendly one too, and is perfect for all genders. We all know how unpredictable the British weather can be. Therefore, make sure you're prepared with a cosy bamboo scarf, and add colour to even the dullest of days!