Perfect Gifts for Younger Children

Written by Linda Zubairi


Posted on May 07 2021

We all know how hard it can be to keep children entertained nowadays. When it comes to buying gifts for birthdays and Christmas, it doesn't have to give you a headache! There are a range of unique, sustainable toys out there guaranteed to keep kids engaged and amused, and they won't cost you a fortune. Although the kids might not appreciate the eco-friendliness of the toys, the environment sure will!

From plastic-free educational toys to non-toxic paints and art supplies, there are so many avenues you can venture down when it comes to buying gifts for younger children. More and more toy brands are developing innovative, greener solutions when making their products, in order to provide gift-givers and parents peace of mind when it comes to doing their bit for the planet! So why not play your part today?

Sustainable Options for Newborns

When a friend or someone in the family welcomes a new baby, it's an exciting time full of cuddles and gift-giving. Newborn babies will always appreciate the odd rattle or soft toy to keep their hands occupied. Rattles are also a great way to help a baby's motor skills develop, as well as improving their coordination, so they're incredibly multifunctional!

Here at Thought & Style, our collection of Pebble Toys are the perfect choice for newborn babies, helping their development as well as keeping them thoroughly entertained. These Fairtrade Seahorse and Turtle rattles are especially cute and cosy, providing your baby with a soft object to grip and play around with. Pebble toys are handmade in rural Bangladesh and support local communities by providing jobs and enabling women to stay with their families, giving customers more of an incentive to buy these adorable toys.

Keeping Toddlers Entertained

It's pretty easy to keep newborns satisfied; it's toddlers that you need to look out for! As they grow, they become more curious, so you need to keep them as entertained as possible. iPads and tablets have become popular options nowadays, but there's nothing quite like a physical game or toy for children to really get to grips with. They're also better for social interaction, as it's much more fun to solve puzzles together!

The majority of toddlers love bath time, especially when they have some fun toys to splash around with! This submarine bath toy from Plan Toys is made of sustainable wood and makes for a perfect eco-friendly gift! Also, this unique fountain bowl set is a great way for toddlers make the most out of their bath time, and its sustainable materials are great for the planet too.

Engagement and Education

For centuries, toys such as wooden blocks and stacking sets have been a great way to not only keep them happy, but engage their brain too. Le Toy Van are a great brand if you're looking for wooden toys; their collection is both fun and educational, as their many colours and puzzle toys can aid in cognitive development as they learn all the different shapes! 

The Le Toy Van market crate and emergency vehicle set are two perfect ways to get your child to become more interactive when they play. Children love playing make-believe, so these particular toys can whisk them away with their own imagination for company! All of these products are made of entirely sustainable wood too, giving you an eco-friendlier incentive to give these gifts to the kiddies in your life!