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Simple Ways to Make Your Home More Sustainable

Written by Linda Zubairi


Posted on June 18 2021

With more people around the world taking necessary steps and doing their bit for the planet, it can be hard to know where to start. Going plastic-free and using less waste isn't something you can achieve overnight, but taking steps within your own home can go a long way. From reusable bamboo products to soy candles, there are many different ways we can play our part, and remember; starting small makes a big difference!

Buying a loved one an eco-friendly gift is a great way to boost the green initiative, but taking a stand in your home can also encourage others to do the same, and can free your conscience when you start to think you aren't doing enough for the planet. If you want a more sustainable home, follow our top tips below.

For Your Kitchen

The kitchen is a perfect place to start if you're looking to introduce more sustainable living to your home. With a wide variety of products to choose from, there are so many places you can start in. From essentials such as dishcloths and sponges, to practical items like spice crushers, there's a sustainable alternative for almost every single day-to-day item in your kitchen!

This eco-friendly bamboo dish brush is completely biodegradable and is made from vegan and sustainable materials. The Tampico bristles are made from the leaves of the agave cactus, making them a great plastic alternative. This bamboo brush also comes with replaceable heads! Bamboo is a great option for kitchen utensils and products. This bamboo cutlery set from Wakecup is perfect for the home, and can even be taken on the go!

For Your Living Room

It can be hard to find eco alternatives for your living room, especially when there aren't many 'every day essential' items to hand. It's a bit hard to find a sustainable TV or sofa out there, so don't be afraid to start small. If you're partial to a plant or two, why not look towards plastic free plant pots and vases to make a real statement in your home?

This seagrass plant pot can be hung from your ceiling to add a unique twist to your plant collection, and is lovingly handmade by the Garden Trading company. It has a waterproof PVC lining, meaning you won’t have to worry about damage when you water your plants! To view the rest of our glass, concrete and ceramic plant pots, please visit us here.

For Your Bathroom

Reducing plastic usage in your bathroom can be easily done, especially with the sheer range of products on offer nowadays. From sustainable bamboo toothbrushes to ceramic soap dishes that last for years to come, it's a relatively easy place to start. There are even soaps made from natural materials on offer, so you can benefit the environment as well as being kind to your skin. 

This Meraki sponge is made from bamboo charcoal and the silk fibres of the Konjac plant, a 100% vegetable material, making it the ultimate natural and vegan product for your bathroom! Its exfoliation properties make it great for your skincare routine too, and it's also completely biodegradable, taking you one step closer to a plastic free home! To view our full collection of eco-friendly gifts for the bathroom, please visit us here!