Taking the Plastic out of Play - Because it's THEIR World

Written by Linda Zubairi


Posted on November 16 2021

Take the Plastic out of Play
When considering which toys to buy, many of us can't help think about what world we would like our children to live in. That's why, here at Thought & Style, we bring you the toy makers that care about the planet and the people making the toys. 
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We've all seen the pictures of plastic waste flooding the oceans, and have pledged not to contribute to them. Well-made toys will withstand the trials and experiments their enthusiastic little owners put them through and can be passed on from child to child, family to family, generation to generation. 
The toys we choose are made from sustainable resources such as reclaimed rubberwood or organic cotton, and the people who make them are valued just as much as their toys will be loved. 
This is the foundation based which our chosen toy makers dream up toys that bring joy, foster imagingation, and promote learning, role play and motor skills. And best of all, our selection of toys for babies and older boys and girls will make their eyes light up.
 When choosing eco friendly and ethical gifts for kids and babies, come to Thought & Style and discover our fantastic selection of sustainable toys

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