Top Products for your Return to the Office

Written by Linda Zubairi


Posted on April 14 2021

As the end of lockdown finally becomes visible over the horizon, it's time to start thinking about getting back to normal. The most important event on most people's minds is their return to work, especially those who work in an office. With all the technicalities that need to be considered, it can be easy to forget about the small things, such as stationery supplies. With so many sustainable stationery items and office must-haves available, you won't want to miss our environmentally friendly picks!

A new chapter in the office calls for new items to get your desk organised and get started for a brand new year. Read on below to discover the top sustainable office supplies you need for your return to the workplace today.


A staple in all workplace and home offices, stationery is a necessity. With businesses across the country working to lower their carbon footprint, you may see more instances of recycled paper being used in the office. We have a variety of notebooks made of fully recycled paper to add to your workplace stationery collection. Our recycled jeans notebook is a unique, quirky option made of 100% upcycled jeans, making it a sustainable, low-waste addition to your “back to work” essential kit. Although most work is performed on computers nowadays, pens, pencils and pencil cases are still needed for jotting down notes and keeping your workload organised. Stationery use in the UK is predicted to increase by £2.1 billion this year, so even though offices are attempting to go paperless, we won't be saying goodbye to the trusted pen and paper just yet!

If you're looking for more sustainable stationery to add to your office collection, we have a range of cruelty and plastic free products here at Thought & Style. Our Fair Trade felt pen pot is handmade from pure sheep wool and is an optimal desk accessory, allowing you to organise your pens and pencils in a natural, handmade container. Our handy Monograph pencil set is incredibly stylish, and will always come in handy during your busy return-to-work.

Organisational Items

As you return to the office, things are bound to be hectic. In order to keep stress at a minimum, it's always practical to keep as organised as possible with workload, paperwork and stationery. Pen pots, desk organisers and files are essential in any office, and can keep your items safe and together, so you won't be losing any important documents. The first week back is sure to be frantic and a little overwhelming. Therefore, we have the ideal products to keep your return as organised as possible.

The Clairefontaine cocoa arch file is part of a collection that is produced using a sustainable development process with cocoa shells and fibres. Its unique finish is guaranteed to stand out in your office, and due to its natural properties, it can ensure that you're lowering your carbon footprint. Paired with an elastic folder and file, these eco-friendly office necessities can make a climate-friendly statement around the office, as well as keeping you on top of your duties.

Quirky Desk Additions

Of course there are the necessities that every office worker needs, but how about making your desk your own? Home comforts such as framed photographs and small teddies are staples when adding some personality to your desk, but to make it more unique, there are a range of sustainable gifts and items to make your desk feel more like home.

The Studio Lorier reclaim clock is made entirely out of recycled wood collected in the city of Rotterdam. Every clock is uniquely designed and makes for a perfect desk mate if you're looking for something a little different. Here at Thought & Style, our wide collection of sustainable stationery, desk items and organisational products can make your return to the office more eco friendly and less stressful. From handy coloured pencils to recycled notebooks and files, you can view our unique collection of office supplies here.